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Full Gold Plated White Tara
  • Full Gold Plated White Tara
  • NASTU-1026
  • US $315.00
Tibetan Prayer Wheel
  • Tibetan Prayer Wheel
  • NATPW-001
  • US $18.00
Asthamangala Big Mane
  • Asthamangala Big Mane
  • NATPW-005
  • US $19.00
Bone Phurba
  • Bone Phurba
  • NAAQH020
  • US $35.00
Om Mentra Color medium  Tingsha
  • Om Mentra Color medium Tingsha
  • Samp1004
  • US $19.00
Wooden Buddha Box
  • Wooden Buddha Box
  • NATBB-004
  • US $40.00

New Products

Om Mani Mantra Carving Singing Bowl with Gift Set

Om Mani Mantra Carving Singing Bowl with G


US $33.00

Asthamangala Singing Bowl

Asthamangala Singing Bowl


US $28.00

Wild Flowra Incense

Wild Flowra Incense

NANIC 3020

US $8.30

Welcome To

Nepal Bazaar Traders And Exporters INC

Nepal Bazaar Traders and Exporters INC (NBTEINC) is a Wholesaler and Distributor company of Various types of Arts and Crafts of Nepal and Tibet. Business Organization and online sales Store is Located in Los Angeles, California USA. It is a pioneer in introducing many innovative products concepts in arts and handicrafts sector, represents a milestone in the handicraft sector of Nepal and Tibet. Nealese Handicraft Store is stablished with objective of Distributing of authentic arts and handicrafts belongs to direct connection with craftmen. We provide full varieties of typical and pure handmade crafts made by our skillful craftsmen with many years of experience.

Nepal Bazaar is a newly established branch company and its Head company is located in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. It is great pleasure to mention that parent company has more than 15 years experience in handictraft product manufacturering, wholesale and Export. It is also a 10 year gold membership of world's #1 B2B market place Alibaba.com.  

Nepal Bazaar has been dealing with  handicraft related business from a small storeroom and the stage of the current time of the company has quite acceptation. The products like Tibetan Thangka Paintings,  handmade Buddha Statues, Various types of   Singing  bowls, Singing Bells, Tingshas Symbols, Sterling Silver Jewelry crafts, Gurkha Khukuri/Kukri, Buddhist Prayer Wheel, Woolen Products and many other beautiful crafts are our mainly trading products. Expect these there are many other crafts too on which we got hands on. With company goal of developing and giving new taste in reliable products, We have found a well successions in the target.


You must have been aiming for so many Tibetan handicraft and religious products and was looking for one reliable Himalayan Gift Shop you can trust with quality items. There is no need to look any further when you have us at Nepal Bazaar Traders & Exporters, INC to serve you well. We are so proud to offer you with some of the best handicraft items, that you have always cared for. Some of the top-notch products which people are always looking for from us are:





There are multiple traditional Tibetan items available from our Tibetan Gift Shop. If you want to know more about the quality, logging online can serve you well. Join us for an experience, which you will never forget for sure. Wholesale items at its best price:


We are working for the masses and able to provide the best items at reasonable rates. Even if you want to get the items in bulk, we have that covered as well. Being a reputed Online Handicraft Store, we have some of the best items in store.



Product of the Month

 White Tara Statue

White Tara Statue


US $135.00

US $125.00

Asthamangala Large Tingsha

Asthamangala Large Tingsha


US $22.00

US $19.00

World Peace  Incences

World Peace Incences


US $5.00

US $4.00

Mandala Carving Himalayan Gong

Mandala Carving Himalayan Gong


US $145.00

US $130.00

Popular Products

4 Inch Blue Mantra Singing Bowl

4 Inch Blue Mantra Singing Bowl

NACAB 1011

US $11.00

Antique Singing Bowl

Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1504

US $165.00

Ganjawala Khukuri

Ganjawala Khukuri


US $48.00

Super Mini Jungle Khukuri

Super Mini Jungle Khukuri


US $35.00