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Order Procedures

   For online purchase, the order procedure is very easy where you can follow the following steps
   to make your purchase more comfortable.

  • Keep the products in desired quantity in the Order Basket from the homepage and click to "Add to Cart" either product is single or  multiple products from different product catagory.
  • You can update the product quantity from each catagory if you are not satisfy with order number. Once you are satisfy with total amount of product, you can click to"Check Out" botton.
  • Now you are reached to "Customer Login Account Section". You have option there to fill the form of "Customer check out Option". You can check out the order as "Guest Checkout" or you can "Regester the Account".
  • If you are going to check out as "Guest check out" you can fill the form available on the page with correct information. Remember that this information you will provide in the form will be the complete detail for us to ship your ordered product via your choice of shipping option.
  • On next step, you are requested to choose your desire shipping company to ship your ordered products and also the payment method you can choose. If you are going to pay us online, the procedure will be complete by PayPal how ever you have other paying option like. 
  • For more, please email us at info@nepalbazaartrade.com