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Lumbini Himalayan Singing Bowls

Nepalartcraft.com has a unique singing bowl product catagory from the Name of Lumbini, The holy birth place of Lord buddha. The unique class sounded singing bowl with most beautiful work done by hand by Tibetan Buddhist artists can see in this group of Products. Despite the most top sound on and correct sound note, a Tibetan singing bowl should be attractive too so that it gives a beautiful looks and design to use or decorate your room.

Products Under Lumbini Himalayan Singing Bowls

White Tara Singing Bowl


US $157.00

Sankha Carving Singing Bowl

NALSB 2001

US $49.00

Double Vajra Singing Bowl

NALSB 2002

US $37.00

Om Mantra Lumbini Bowl

NALSB 2003

US $75.00

Buddha Eye Mantra Bowl

NALSB 2004

US $69.00

Dorje Lumbini Himalayan Bowl

NALSB 2005

US $55.00

Sankha Symbol Carving Singing Bowls

NALSB 2006

US $140.00

Buddha Carving Lumbini Bowl

NALSB 2010

US $160.00