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Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

Old and Antique singing  bowl is another special product from handmade singing bowl which are collected from different part of himalayan side of Nepal. These rear singing bowls had used for household work, as food dish  etc.


Nepal Bazaar Traders & Exporters, INC has been working on multiple kinds of singing bowls, which are popular worldwide these days. It is really important that you check out more about the best bowls that we have in store for you before you finalize on the ones you want. You can always try your hands with the antique singing bowls, which we have for you and gaining quite some popularity among the masses these days.


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So, the next time you have prepared yourself to get in touch with the Antique Singing Bowls Wholesaler and plan to get hands on the best antique singing bowls, then log online and check out the options we have already.


  • Antique Thado bowl
  • Stand antique singing bowl
  • Antique Himalayan singing bowl
  • Energy antique healing bowl


So, next time you are making plans to purchase such antique pieces, give us a call now or log online for help.

Products Under Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

Antique Thado Bowl

NAAQB 1501

US $68.00

Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1503

US $87.00

Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1503

US $218.00

Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1504

US $165.00

Stand Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1505

US $65.00

Antique Thado Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1021

US $51.00

Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1022

US $268.00

Energy Antique Healing Bowl

NAAQB 1023

US $133.00

Big Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1024

US $345.00

Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1030

US $210.00

Antique Thick Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1031

US $215.00

Antique Singing Bowl

NAAQB 1032

US $265.00