Tibetan Singing Bells

A Tibetan Bell is symbol of wisdom, transitory, and the female aspect of energies. The Dorje is a symbol of the male aspect; it is always in a set with the bell to restore male and female energies in our body, mind and soul. The set is used traditionally in Buddhist Pujas (praying rituals) by monks.

Encircle the bell; play by running the wand along the edge. The friction between the wand (male) and the bell (female) creates an undulating vibration and long-drawn-out singing sound.

By running a piece of wood around the rim of the bell in a circular motion, you build up a singing drone. This prolonged sound is really impressive and penetrating in a church or temple. Additional voices, singing the ‘Aum’ or ‘Amen’ sound, will complete this small wonder.

Bells or clocks with an integral sound mechanism were already known 900 years before our calendar. They bring us the sound of the wind. Bells of metal are common, mostly unturned. Bells of ceramic, glass and porcelain are mostly only decorative.

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